Friday, January 14, 2011

Stylish blogger Award...again! :)

Frenchy at Le Chateau des fleurs was so kind to give me the Stylish blogger Award :) Thanks so much!! I'm honored!

(1) Link up to the person who gave you the award
(2) List 7 things about yourself
(3) Pass on the award to more great bloggers
(4) Let them know you gave them an award

7 (more) Things About Me:

1. I have a new love for Oreos.

2. I am thinking about opening an Etsy shop :)

3. I hate being ignored.

4. I hate artificial light...during the day I need actual sunlight :)

5. I'd be lost without my computer!

6. Everytime I watch a Disney movie I can't help but think about how it takes SOOO many drawings to make just one expression or movement happen! Crazy!

7. I will be 25 in March...yikes! haha

Now, time to give this blog award to some deserving bloggers I've recently discovered....

These are my top 5 deserving Stylish bloggers :) If you haven't checked them out, then what are you waiting for?!



Katie said...

Your blog is a breath of fresh air! :) It's beautiful and trendy, I love it! Thanks for the award, you're so sweet!


Karen said...

Thanks Crystal! I appreciate the award. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great weekend!

Bethany K. said...

Cool!! thanks for the award! I've got lots of catching up to do! lol

The Queen of Swag said...

Hey there. Thanks so much for participating in my Simple Sundays Blog Hop. I was already Following you. Thanks so much again for posting my button as well!

Beka said...

Thank you so much, Crystal! THAT IS SO SWEEETTTT! :)