Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stamp it up!

When my friend Jenna introduced me to Etsy, I fell in love with all the metal stamped jewelry!
Anytime  i see something i like, my first thought is "Could i make that?"

I am a beginner stamper, but i love it! I have always enjoyed making jewelry, which i thank, in part, to my mom because she is always making jewelry!

To begin my jewelry stamping, i bought some plain metal discs of a variety of metals from, and i bought a set of alphabet/number stamps in a basic font. I actually bought 3 different sizes too! I look forward to the day that i can buy the super cute fancy fonts! (They are pretty expensive though.)

I have an assortment of glass beads (another favorite of mine) because they are great to make different jewelry pieces with. This is what i combined with my stamps to make these adorable bracelets :) mom helped me with this idea because she wanted an initial stamped bracelet for mother's day...of course i added my own touch :)

pps...haha can you tell i love smiley faces?!!

This is my mom's bracelet. Her name is Cheryl.

... the other side...

I also made one for Antonya for her birthday!

Here is Antonya modeling her Bday gifts made by yours truly...

I also made this name tag a few months ago for my puppy  :)

Flower headbands :)

So...I came across this super cute headband and figured... "I could make that!"
And I did :)

Step 1: I took a simple plastic headband and wrapped it with a ribbon.

Step 2: I made the flowers out of silk fabric and singed the edges.

Step 3: I attached the flowers onto the headband and voile!

I made this one for my friend Antonya for her birthday!

...then she requested another in black :)

Now I think I need to make one for myself!