Friday, July 23, 2010

Scrabble Tile Jewelry

Finally! Another post :)

Remember how I said I get my CrAfTiNeSs from my mom? Well...this blog is for her! Like myself, my mom likes to make her own jewelry and when she sees something she likes, she tries to make it herself.

Lately she has been into making scrabble tile pendants and they are super cute!!

The one in the middle with the pink owl is mine :)

She is selling these pendants too! You can get a pendant by itself, with a ball chain necklace, or as a ring. AND....she takes reguests...if you have a special picture or graphic you love, she can place them on a scrabble tile for you!
Here are some samples...

Simplistic Pendants (I love TWILIGHT!)

Beaded Simplistic Pendant

Beaded Pendant with Two Dangles

Beaded Pendant with Three Dangles

Pendant Ring

Bracelet (Can be made different ways...)

My mom's adorable necklace :]

And here is my beautiful mother....

Here are more pictures of tiles pendants she has made....

High School inspired pendant!

~Her Price List~

Hope you enjoyed the post! If you would like a pendant, just let me know and I can give you her contact information for your special order.

I've already planned to make some of these for friends using their initials! :D

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hand Painted Eggs

Okay, so i really should have posted this back in April.... After easter...but oh well. I wanted to post another craft but haven't started any yet!

Rest assured though, i am on vacation, so i will get to crafting :)

Anywho...this easter i wanted to spruce up my easter eggs for the family hunt and decided to use acrylic paint, colored sharpies, and a stylus to create some some super cute designs!

A couple of the designs are images from Wendy Lovoy at Sips-N-Strokes.....

this one i painted with some friends :) are some pictures of that awesome girls night!...

The designs can also be done on hollow eggs (by making holes at the ends of the eggs and blowing out the yolk) and used for decorations such as hanging from a tree or mantel!

Remember though...if you decide to decorate the eggs for your easter egg hunt, don't use the sharpies or acrylic on cracked eggs!