Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Awesome Craft Ideas

I LOVE browsing through the Crafts and DIY Project section of Country Living!

Here are some of the projects I adore and are being added to my "To Do in the Future" list, haha :)

I ♥ this!
Since there isn't a tutoral for it on Country Living, here is one from a fellow blogger, Girl In Air. She offers a few different options too. You can use the plastic soap pumps like she demonstrated or buy a silver one to match the zinc lids.

I think it's brilliant that they decided to cover cd cases to make a wall photo...I will definately do something like this in my craft room :)

So cute! I need to make some business cards and this would be great to store them in :)

I adore this!

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


Living A Bona Fide Life said...

Thank you for sharing! I've been wanting to make one of those mason jar soap dispensers for a while. Hopefully I'll tackle that soon. :)

Linda said...

Mason jars are always my fav! TFS!!