Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coming soon...12 Days of Christmas Crafts :)

I have decided to create a blog activity for myself called "12 Days of Christmas Crafts" in which I will do exactly that: for 12 days I will post a new craft that I'm working on! I'm excited to finally get some more crafts in!

Here are a few things I'm planning on working on:

1. Ribbon Christmas tree for tabletop
2. Homemade Christmas cards
3. Various ornaments
4. Christmas wreath
5. Craft kit from Oriental Trading.

....I'm not going to post any of these until December, but I'm excited! I can't wait to show you these ideas I have floating around in my head!!

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Frugal Invitation said...

Looking forward your craft ideas!

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Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Frugal Invitation