Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yay! It's FINALLY October and I can start my Halloween decorating!! I finished my first craft for halloween too :)

I really wanted a candelabra but I wanted to spend as little as possible!! I saw a really cute one at Hobby Lobby that was on sale for $11, but... I wanted cheaper! I went to the Goodwill to find one!

Here is my Halloween candelabra :)

I bought the white candles and melted a red one over it for the "blood" effect. They were from walmart...can't remember the though :)
The spiders I also got from walmart for $2..a pack of 8.
The "web" came from the dollar store.
And my candelabra was 1.91 at Goodwill!

The candelabra was originally gold, but I forgot to take a picture before I got here is a picture after I primed it...

I already bought the spiders and web, and I would have had to buy the candles even if I bought the candelabra from Hobby Lobby, so for the candelabra alone, it only cost me about $4 :) ($1 each for primer and black spray paint)

I am Pleased!
...and I can't wait to post more pictures of my Halloween decorations :D


Cheryl's Crafty Jewelry said...

I love it. You should show these pics of your Fall/Halloween crafts to Grandma too, she'll love 'em. You know, this craftiness runs in the family...we all make some pretty neat crafts.

Crystal said...

Yes, I know it runs in the family :)....and i'm glad it does!