Monday, October 11, 2010

Bushels of fun at the Apple Festival!

I had a pretty awesome weekend hanging out with some great friends :)

I don't get to do much, honestly..between working full time and spending a few evenings every week coaching colorguard at my younger sister's high was nice to get away with the girls!

My friend Stephanie had been to this Apple Festival in Ellijay, GA last year with her family and thought it would make a good trip with friends. It's a 3 hour drive from where we live, so we drove up Friday night and stayed at a cute little hotel that was only about 5 minutes from the festival (and had a pretty awesome view).

Here is the gang...
Katrina, Antonya, Stephanie, and ME!

My friends are beautiful :]

It was nice seeing all the vendors and their crafts! Haha, my friend Antonya  saw a couple things she liked, but didn't buy anything. She was like, "Crystal can make that for me!" :) Anywho, I love seeing other people's creations!

After a few hours at the festival, we went to a nearby apple orchard for a mini photoshoot! You could pick your own apples too!

...and a few more can see the view a bit in these :)

...just a little bit of me ;)

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