Saturday, December 4, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Crafts #4: Initialed Glass Ornaments

Craft #4: Initialed Glass Ornaments

Materials needed:

1. Clear glass ball ornaments
2. Etching cream
3. Stencil

My clear ornament before I did anything to it.

I don't have my Silhouette yet, and I didn't want to spend $12 on the letter stencils that Armour Etch sold for glass etching (I didn't care for the font anyways!), so I just bought some regular paint stencils.
I traced my letter onto a blank Avery sticker label with pencil, then used my craft knife and mat to trace out my letter.

Once I had it traced, I just peeled my sticker off and adhered it to my ornament. Since it's not a flat surface I had to use tape for the edges as well...even though it's a sticker. I think I did pretty good tracing that letter out :) ...if I do say so myself!

After you're satisfied with your initial sticker, follow the directions on the Armour etching cream bottle. Just apply it generously with a brush to the area you want to etch (inside the initial), wait about 5 minutes, then peel off the sticker carefully and rinse off the etching cream.

For some reason, my letter didn't turn out as 100% perfect as I would have liked, so I took my red sharpie marker and traced around the initial. I like it :)
And I think I'll use my red ribbon to hang the ornament from my tree!

Here is another letter I did....

(This photo shows the stencil with the etching cream)

...and my finished product. I didn't trace the edges of this letter.

This project would be really great for flat glass ornaments. I can't wait to get my Silhouette so I don't have to manually cut out each letter or design...but this just goes to show that it can be done! Hope you enjoy!!


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Very nice! But tell me, when do you SLEEP? Ha-ha...

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Those are adorable! I love your blog. such great ideas!

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That is such a great craft!

I just found your blog through the Weekend Blog Hop! Have a great weekend.

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