Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm Engaged! YAY!

hehe :)

My boyfriend .... excuse me...fiance, who was formally just my boyfriend, proposed to me this past Wednesday. I am ecstatic, obviously! :)

...and I took an uber amount of photos of my beautiful ring, which I will share with my lovely blog friends....

Now, let me tell you how he did it!
I came home Wed evening from a mini beach vacay with my mom and sister. When I got home there were post it notes everywhere! ...on the walls, the doors, the tv, the mirrors... and they each said something different. Ya know, various I love you's, you're my bestfriend, I hope we're together forever, etc. :) sweet!

He wasn't home yet though. I thought for a split second, what if he's gonna propose, and threw that out the window as soon as I thought it.

Then he got home and asked if I had counted them. Um, nope! So I did. I plucked them off the wall one by one and counted a total of 20. Then he tells me there are supposed to be 21! As he's looking around in the kitchen for the last one, I'm asking if he's sure he counted correctly and all that jazz and he says "yes, there are 21." Next he asks me to look in the bedroom again. As I'm coming out of the room to tell him there are no more, he comes walking up w/ good ol' #21 post it stuck to his chest that reads "The key to my heart" with a picture of a key drawn on.

...and once again, I think to myself, maybe he's gonna propose? ...and toss it back out the window... I'm hugging him, it feels as though he's quivering, and he says..."Crystal...." At that point, I was thinking, OMG, Is he seriously about to ask me to MARRY him?! He then gets down on one knee and, well, you know the rest :) .... I said YES!

I know that's a lot of text, but that's my cute story. And believe me, he's not the creative type, so I was extremely proud of him!

Now....more pictures of my beautiful ring...that HE picked out!


Daphne C. said...

I just have to leave you a congrats again, because it is the sweetest thing and I am so happy for you! Please keep me updated, I would love to know when you guys decide everything!

Jessica Marino said...

Hey I haven't seen you in awhile but i just wanted to say that I am so happy for you guys! Michael did a GREAT job with your ring it is very beautiful! Oh and BTW I love your new site. My favorite is the bobby pin with the flower! Let me know if I can help in any way with wedding stuff! Have a great week!

Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

YAYYYY Congrats!! ps... head over to my blog to see my wedding planning using CORAL ;)