Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gamaguchi Coin Purse

I made my FIRST japanese gamaguchi coin purse!! I am proud of myself :)

So...i often carry bills or change into work w/ me for my break for when i want to buy a drink or snack from the vending machine. Well, sometimes i use paper and staples to make a makeshift coin bag so i don't lose my money in the drawer. Therefore - i decided i wanted an actual coin purse i could carrry around with me for such occassions. And...i decided i wanted to MaKe my own!

I went to Etsy and ordered some purse frames and bought fabric and any other needed materials from walmart and craft stores.
I started out by tracing around the top of the frame to get my desired width and then just drawing a square at the bottom of it. I used the swirly fabric for the outside of my bag, the felt for my inner lining to give the bag durability, and a solid red satin fabric for the inside of my bag.

After sewing the felt and outer layer together, and the two pieces for the inner layer together, i combined them...

This is what it looks like...haha, notice all the sewing needles laying there...i used them as stick pins to hold my fabric together while sewing until i actually bought some propper pins for the job :)

..this is what it looks like after sewing all the pieces together.

Now i need to add the purse frame and i'm done! For this i used craft tacky glue and inserted the top of the bag into the frame. Haha, i used a butter knife to push the fabric into the frame. Then, i used a wash cloth and some pliers to clamp the frame down onto the fabric to make sure it wouldn't come out! 

My finished bag :)
I felt like my bag needed a little something, so i sewed on a red satin flower that i made using the same material on the inside of the bag...

my pretty flower

my end product!!

My first bag turned out pretty okay :)  Now i just need to invest in a sewing machine so i don't have to continue to hand stitch them!!


Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer said...

OMG I want to make one! This needs to be our next craft night project! So cute! You did a great job! :)

Get Girly said...

Thanks girl :)

Cheryl said...

Hand-stitched items can be better though because it gives them that extra special personal touch and makes them each unique! :)