Monday, March 8, 2010

First Time Blogger

Hello :) This is my VERY first blog! Ever! So my friend Jenna pretty much has a million sites dedicated to all her hobbies and she has recently began blogging. I really enjoy reading her blogs so I decided to start one for myself...and here we are! I am no computer whiz so I may end up  getting her help to jazz it up...but for now, I'm gonna attempt to make it pretty all on my own ;). 

I am such a googler. I am constantly searching for new things to make and supplies to make these new things. With this said, I have come across many blogs - which has also contributed to my decision to create my own. Here, I can discuss my crafts and share them with others!

This is short and sweet...because I have housework to do and dinner to make :) ...but bloggers, here I come! Haha!

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